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The Sixth Sunday of Easter – Sunday 22nd May 2022

May 22, 2022

Thank you for joining our online worship including our Holy Communion and a short sermon. Below them are links to a selection of music (traditional,  modern and prayerful). Thanks once again to Stephanie Woollam for prayerfully choosing such a broad range of inspiring sacred music.

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God bless,


Welcome to our Holy Communion, led by The Revd. Canon Lyndy Domoney

Our sermon for today is from John Taylor

Music links (just click on the titles below to be taken to the music hosted by YouTube).

More Traditional:

O Jesus, I have promised

More Modern:


Prayer for peace

Sermon Text

Acts 16: 9-15

Sometimes in the life of a Christian we are called to do something, be somewhere, go somewhere, speak or be silent and it seems to make no sense. At other times we feel we have been left hanging about. waiting for instructions which take an age to come, far too long for our impatient ways.

This waiting can sometimes feel a hard thing to do. There we are all fired up with enthusiasm, wanting to crack on with whatever it is we feel called to do and we are told; hold fire, just wait a bit and, worst of all, we don’t know why. We haven’t got a clue what is going on. We have never seen the plan and we do not know what the big picture is let alone where we fit into it.

All we can do is wait and trust. And then, all of a sudden, things fall into place.

Paul had been working his way north through Turkey and tried to go in one direction but, in the verses before our reading this morning, we are told that; ‘the spirit of Jesus did not allow him to do so’ so he wandered along waiting for instructions.

I have no idea how patiently Paul waited. Whether he chaffed at the delay and went pacing about muttering under his breath or whether he was, secretly at any rate, physically relieved at a brief rest because he had been charging about all over the show and his body was starting to show wear and tear we do not know. The temptation at this stage is to say it doesn’t really matter and to concentrate on what he did when he reached Greece but I think it does matter. I think it does matter a lot and there is a vital lesson here for us all.

Most of us have to learn to relax a bit. To have faith and trust is almost a given but it also helps to develop a habit of accepting the down time that God gives us. To take advantage of and revel in periods of calm and inactivity and to use them to just think and to be in God’s presence. To calm our nerves and quieten our minds.

It is a very common complaint, and I am certainly as guilty as anyone else, that life is just too busy. That there never seems to be enough time to achieve everything that one wants to. The pile of books waiting to be read just grows and grows. The to do list never reduces, as soon as one thing is crossed off another two appear.

To try and deal with this some of us go on sabbaticals, others on retreat. We take holidays which involve planning, expense, travel delays, frustration, anti-climaxes and unfulfilled expectations which just seem to make matters worse.

So why do I become impatient when God tells me to be still and rest and wait for him to tell me what to do next?

What we do know is that when Paul’s instructions came in the form of a vision pointing him in the direction of Greece Paul immediately set about finding a way to get there concluding that it was where God was calling him to go and preach the good news. He arrived full of energy and enthusiasm. Went on to work wonders and achieve great things. He is a leading and shining example of what it means to be a Christian.

Who knows perhaps it was that period of waiting that God provided him with that gave him the strength he needed?


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