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Remembrance Sunday – 14th November 2021

November 14, 2021

Thank you for joining our online worship including our Holy Communion and a short sermon. Below them are links to a selection of music (traditional,  modern and prayerful). Thanks once again to Stephanie Woollam for prayerfully choosing such a broad range of inspiring sacred music.

Please continue to share your views on our services.

God bless,


Welcome to our Holy Communion, led by The Revd. Nigel Tuffnell

Our sermon today, from Lyndy Domoney

Music links (just click on the titles below to be taken to the music hosted by YouTube).

More Traditional:


More Modern:

O Lord the clouds are gathering

When trials come


Sermon Text

Reminiscing is a favourite pastime when family and friends get together – isn’t it? I’m sure
you agree that conversations beginning with “remember when…” – followed by stories – good
and bad – happy or sad – are part of the glue that holds families and old friends together – and
often gives birth to traditions that are observed every time they get together – forming part of
the unique fabric of their lives. Perhaps you can think of something you do – something you
eat – something you say – when certain family and friend are around – and can identify with
what I’m saying?

Well – today – we are encouraged to remember specifically the times of war and those who
died in those wars – and there are many of you who’s memories will automatically take you
back to the 2nd World War – and there are some who – I imagine – will be able to ‘remember’
the so called “Great War” – if not personally – then vicariously through the stories told by
parents or g/parents. Some of those memories are pretty awful – some are happy or bitter sweet
– some are very funny – with humour having been a main ingredient of survival – both literally
and figuratively. Close and lasting relationships were formed during those times – as people
supported each other, and took every opportunity that was given to enjoy the moment.

Now we can’t live in the past – I’m sure we wouldn’t want to – but today we are invited to
look back – to feel – to resolve once again – that it won’t happen again! But it is happening
again – isn’t it? Has it ever really stopped happening? For all our remembered heartache and
past resolve – it is happening again – and again – as in so many parts of the world – other
young men and women are engaged in hostilities – and other men and women – other wives –
other fathers and mothers and sweethearts – are watching and waiting in fear and trepidation –
many of them building the same kind of memories to think about in years to come.

Perhaps it’s the way the world deals with this ‘remembering’ that has something to do with it?
Films are still being made of the wars – most of them tending to romanticize the gory reality,
using poetic license to either ignore or cut out the really bad bits – or tweek it here and there
with heavy sentiment to tug at the emotions! Our modern day youngsters play electronic games –
ensuring that these ‘push button’ warriors remain unscathed and detached from the horrible
realities of war – and only experience the thrill of a virtual kill; and maybe that has got
something to do with the fact that life has become so cheap – why so many of our young people
are killing and being killed on the streets of our cities – for all kinds of reasons that have
nothing to do with duty or love for ones country and fellow man – and everything to do with
bigotry, anger, greed, revenge and power – the absolute antithesis of the attitudes taught by

Surely having looked back today – we should not – literally or figuratively – put our memories
in a box – in a cupboard – ready to be taken out again this time next year – but try to allow
those memories to inform the decisions we make in the days ahead, so that when the next
generation comes of age – they will be the builders of a better future – not soldiers laying down
their lives for reasons most of them will not even understand – as has so often happened before
and is happening with tragic frequency in these days.

Then – maybe – there will be a positive spin off from our ‘remembering” – just as there is every
time we meet together as the Church – and – sharing in the Holy Communion – obey Jesus’
command to remember His death – upon which our entire Christian faith / belief is centred; the
death that has defined time and history – BC – before Christ and AD – after Christ; the death
that truly was and is – a saving death – as Jesus, in the greatest act of love – laid down His own
life for His friends. And that means for all who have chosen to follow Him – from that time to
this – and all who will choose to follow Him – in the time left before He comes again.

Let us resolve again today – to continue to work and pray for a better world – a world where
people can live in dignity, safety and peace – thus ensuring that all those who we remember
today – did not die for nothing.

We will remember – and there is great power in remembering – for – as has been said – only
the forgotten are truly dead.

We will remember!

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  1. Margaret Hilditch permalink

    Thank you so much, Nigel, for continuing to do these on-line HCs, meg

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