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The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity (St. Francis)- 26th September 2021

October 3, 2021

Thank you for joining our online worship including our Holy Communion and a short sermon. Below them are links to a selection of music (traditional,  modern and prayerful). Thanks once again to Stephanie Woollam for prayerfully choosing such a broad range of inspiring sacred music.

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Welcome to our Holy Communion, led by The Revd. Nigel Tuffnell

Our sermon today, from John Taylor

Music links (just click on the titles below to be taken to the music hosted by YouTube).

More Traditional:

More Modern:


Sermon Text

Virtual Sermon October 3rd 2021

This morning I want to talk about Jesus’s challenge to us.

Today’s passage is one of those which does not always mean exactly what some people think. It also contains one of the most challenging messages which Jesus gives us.

It is very easy passage to read quickly and then say; ‘Oh completely unrealistic in cold wet Britain how can you possibly not bother about what to wear or what to eat’.

That is where misunderstanding can creep in. Jesus says do not worry about what you will wear or what you will eat. He does not say; don’t worry about whether you will have enough to eat or whether you will have enough clothes to wear.

Jesus specifically tells us God knows what we need and that those needs will be met. He tells us do not be afraid but then goes on to instruct us to give away all that we do not really need so that then everyone else may also have enough.

That is the promise and that is the challenge of this reading. It is not easy to listen to and even harder to put into practice.

One point Jesus makes is beyond doubt; which of us can add a single hour to our lives by worrying? We can help ourselves by living more healthily, by, in my case perhaps losing some weight but worrying will only have the potential to cut short our earthly lives not extend them.

What Jesus does want us to concentrate on is the Kingdom of God which comes later. Concentrate on that he says not on earthly riches;. for where your treasure is there your heart is also.

Our whole lives in the comfortable first world society in which we live conditions us to the accumulation of stuff. The advertising and peer pressure for new things is insistent. For example every year the media tells us about this year’s winter coat on the basis that we must keep up with the current fashion. We feel pressured in that we must go and acquire something we don’t really need.

Jesus’s challenge to us is to resist that pressure. To only take from life what we need so that we leave enough for others.

I still remember the misery of the nurse at the beginning of lockdown who, at the end of an exhausting shift caring for others went to buy food to find none left.

My winter coat is at least 20 years old and as it still keeps me warm I have no intention of changing it but before I start feeling smug and self-satisfied I think; what about all those people who have no coat at all.

Do I worry too much about what I will eat and wear and too little about those who do not have enough?


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  1. Margaret Hilditch permalink

    Thanks Nigel (lovely blessing) and John, meg

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