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The Third Sunday of Trinity – 20th June 2021

June 20, 2021

Thank you for joining our online worship including our Holy Communion and a short sermon. Below them are links to a selection of music (traditional,  modern and prayerful). Thanks once again to Stephanie Woollam for prayerfully choosing such a broad range of inspiring sacred music.

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Welcome to our Holy Communion, led by The Revd. Sue Auckland

Our Sermon today, from John Taylor

Music links (just click on the titles below to be taken to the music hosted by YouTube).

More Traditional:

Will your anchor hold?

I cannot tell

More Modern:

Faithful one, so unchanging

Trust In you


Sermon Text

Virtual Sermon June 20th 2021

There are various ways of looking at the very short parables in today’s Gospel reading. I find the second one in particular hugely reassuring. A tiny mustard seed grows into the greatest of all shrubs. Jesus is talking about what the Kingdom of God will look like and I don’t think he literally means that it will resemble a massively overgrown plant if for no other reason than mustard is not a perennial. It dies off each year and the Kingdom of God is everlasting. In one sense he is telling us that it will be a kingdom or regime where nothing and nobody is looked down on or despised because of humble or inauspicious beginnings. The smallest of starts may end up in absolute glory.

Life can often be totally unexpected. Sometimes this can lead to a very nasty surprise. Few people start off on a car journey expecting to get a puncture. It usually seems to happen to me when it is raining but just because it is raining doesn’t mean that I am not surprised when it happens again.

But, on the other hand, sometimes a day will start off in its usual humdrum way and turn out to be wonderful. An unexpected phone call asking if I am in so a book I lent can be returned may lead to an impromptu picnic by the sea with friends and all those dreary chores will wait another day. From the small start of, “can I drop your book back”, will grow a magnificent day of golden memories. Sometimes small suggestions or ideas grow into monster parties that people are still talking about years later. Words just don’t seem able to do them justice and we have to tell our listeners, “you had to have been there to understand”. The people in the original conversation had no idea how a drink and nibbles with a few friends would end up taking over the entire village.

In telling this parable Jesus was not preaching to a crowd but to his close friends. How many of them at the time could possibly have foreseen that this was the start of Jesus’s ministry and it would end up as the Christian church numbering millions of people over two thousand years covering the whole world.

But this is what Jesus is telling them. Firstly, do not judge on appearances, do not dismiss something because you think it is too small to be of interest or use to you. Secondly, he is telling them that what he is saying and doing will grow into the largest and most important thing they can ever imagine, the party to end all parties and that they are invited; The Kingdom of God itself. He is explaining that this greatest of all kingdoms has space for everyone to find a place to shelter, somewhere to call home. A place for each and every one of us and if that isn’t hugely reassuring I don’t know what is.


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