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The Second Sunday of Trinity – 13th June 2021

June 13, 2021

Thank you for joining our online worship including our Holy Communion and a short sermon. Below them are links to a selection of music (traditional,  modern and prayerful). Thanks once again to Stephanie Woollam for prayerfully choosing such a broad range of inspiring sacred music.

Please continue to share your views on our services.

God bless,



Welcome to our Holy Communion, led by The Revd. Sue Auckland

Our Sermon today, from The Revd. Nigel Tuffnell


Music links (just click on the titles below to be taken to the music hosted by YouTube).

More Traditional:

Let all the world in every corner sing

We plough the fields and scatter

More Modern:

Hear the call of the kingdom

Build my life


Sermon Text

It is often the little things that truly blow me away. I was watching a colony of wild honey bees the other day. They were busy coming in and out of a gap in the tower at Redenhall church. Then I noticed something else out of the corner of my eye. I noticed a slightly fatter looking honey bee, with a furry ginger waste coat. I watched it circle around then dive into a tiny hole in the stonework. Then I noticed another do the same. I then watched little masonry bees and their nest.

Have you ever stopped and looked at some of the smaller wild flowers? Among others we have Common Mouse Ear in our garden. It’s flowers are only 3mm / 3 1/6ths of an inch across. But they form incredibly beautiful petals that look as though they have been formed into the points of a crown with emeralds and gold at the centre.

God is like that. He uses the simple and insignificant and turns them into masterpieces! None of us are great in the eyes of the world. You might be but I am certainly not. I doubt that you are hugely rich or powerful. But that does not make any of you unimportant in God’s eyes. Often fame and fortune can blind us so that we can no longer see what is truly valuable.

In each of you God has planted a seed. Small and insignificant to look at. But you have let the Spirit water that seed. It has grown in you. You have responded and come to church. You have let that seed grow into something beautiful.

Transformed by the power of the Spirit you have become the disciples of Christ. You are his brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of our Father in heaven.

Like a seed planted in the ground God does the work of growing and producing a harvest. Our task is to keep the ground clear. To nurture what God is growing in us. To keep strong in the face of temptations to hatred or anger or greed or pride. If you are anything like me you will know these temptations all too well. They starve the seed growing in us of the life giving water of the Spirit.

So God uses the simple and unimportant and turns them into masterpieces. Even you and me. Our task is to guard ourselves against the temptations that would stop the seed within us from growing. Then we are to let the Spirit do his work, and produce a great harvest or perhaps stand tall like a great tree. Let the Spirit make you fruitful in works of kindness, generosity, love, faithfulness and self-control.

God bless. Amen.

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