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The First Sunday after Trinity – 6th June 2021

June 6, 2021

Thank you for joining our online worship including our Holy Communion and a short sermon. Below them are links to a selection of music (traditional,  modern and prayerful). Thank you this week to The Revd. Lyndy Domoney for today’s music choices.

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Welcome to our Holy Communion, led by The Revd. Nigel Tuffnell

Our Sermon today, from The Revd. Lyndy Domoney

Music links (just click on the titles below to be taken to the music hosted by YouTube).

More Traditional:


More Modern:


Sermon Text

Trinity 1 2021. Mark 3; 20-35. Online. Pride etc
Can you picture the scene of our passage today for a moment – perhaps imagine yourself in that
situation; Jesus goes into a house – we’re not told whose house it was, but He is obviously at home
there – and a crowd follows Him obviously expecting / wanting to see what other miracles He
would perform. They had seen or heard about Him restoring sight to the blind – speech to the mute;
deformed limbs were made whole at His command and evil spirits cast out of those who were
possessed. We are told in v 20 that there were so many people crowding around him – pushing
forward to touch Him – wanting His attention and healing for themselves – that neither He or His
Disciples were able to find time to eat!
We also see – at this time – which was quite early on in His ministry – that His own family didn’t
really understand Jesus or what He was doing; even though Mary had been told Who her Son was –
how could she fully understand what that meant until His life and ministry was almost over? So
His motivations and even His true identity were part of an unfolding mystery for her – and it was
out of genuine concern for Him – and not wanting the family name to be tarnished by His radical
behaviour – that she accompanied His brothers and set out to ‘take charge of Him’ – ‘because He’s
out of His mind’ – to take Him home – until the situation had quietened down!
But they weren’t the only ones concerned by Jesus’ growing reputation and activities – the big guns
from Jerusalem – experts – teachers of the law – they were also aware of what He was doing – and
that knowledge scared them because it threatened their own authority and status; so they travelled to
where Jesus was – and – maliciously tried to discredit what He was doing by saying that He was
doing everything under the influence of Satan.
Interesting – don’t you think – that they didn’t question the reality of what Jesus was doing – or
suggest that it wasn’t what it appeared to be – how could they – it was self evident – people were
being healed and restored – but to acknowledge that He was doing these things under God’s
authority would have been an acknowledgement that He was Messiah – the One that the Prophets
had foretold – and they couldn’t have that! Their pride wouldn’t allow it!
And as Jesus responded to these accusations – as He answered their allegations by quoting from
scripture ( Isaiah 49; 24-25) – telling the parables of a house or a kingdom being destroyed when it
becomes divided and fights against itself – Jesus – not only bypassed their religious authority – He
diminished their control over the people by highlighting their weaknesses; He challenged what they
believed and exposed their insincerity and hypocrisy – no wonder they didn’t like Him!
And then – when told His Mother and brothers wanted Him to go outside so they could speak to
Him – Jesus gives what – at first sight – sounds like a pretty harsh response – v 33 – 35. “ Who are
my mother and my brothers?”
But He was not saying He didn’t recognise His own family – He was saying that it was those who
believe in God and recognise / understand that His /Jesus’ ministry was/is empowered through Him

that is God, who would become family – God’s family – and that those who believed that the
power in Him to heal and restore people came from satan were committing a sin that could/would
never be forgiven and would separate them from God.

As we’ve gone over the passage and thought about what Jesus was saying both to those Teachers of
the Law and to His family – I don’t know about you – but I began to realise that I’m not so very
different to them! Undoubtedly – Jesus’ family loved Him, but they wanted Him to behave the way
they thought was right and proper! They didn’t like that He appeared to be “out of His mind” –
according to them! So they tried to get Him to conform to the family standards! I can relate to that –
can you? I can remember telling my daughters at times over the years that “that” wasn’t the way we
did things!
It was the Lawyers’ pride that got in the way of them recognising God’s work through Jesus – or if
they did recognise that – it didn’t suit their purposes to admit it – and their behaviour as they tried to
discredit Him made me think of all the times I’ve thought I knew better than God – when I was one
person when I was in my work place, and a different person at home – oh – not in the big things – but
enough to realise that there were times when I had two faces – one for ‘out there’ when people were
watching and listening – and another here – on my own! [Pride / hypocracy??]
Jesus’ answer to His own question – “who is my mother and brothers” = v35 – “Whoever does God’s
will is my brother and sister and mother” – emphasises my longing to be part of His family – and
for that to be so – I not only need to have made the decision to follow Him, trust Him and be
obedient to Him – in other words – commit myself completely to Him – I need to follow that up with
choosing – always – to have only one face as it were – to – as it’s been said – ‘walk the talk’ — ie –
live in such a way that what I say and profess to believe – is in harmony – or backed up – with how I
behave/ live – and don’t contradict each other.
I guess it’s actually easier to live that way too – one doesn’t have to keep remembering what/who
you are in each situation!
Do you identify with what we’ve been thinking about?Are you a member of God’s family – do you
walk your talk??

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  1. margaret hilditch permalink

    Thank you both; powerful stuff, Lyndy, meg

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