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Exams and those they affect

August 25, 2018

A couple of days ago the GCSE results came out. I know of quite a few young people who were anxiously waiting, most of whom are now relieved and some are delighted. It is such a stressful time. A time that I remember well. So much seems to hang on those grades printed on bits of paper. You can feel a success or a useless failure, all through a few hours sat in an exam hall. I try to encourage those that I know but it can seem so little. But what I can do I do, I remember Paul’s advice in his letter to the Ephesians to “never stop praying, especially for others!” (Ephesians 6.18)

To all of you out there who have received exam results or someone close to you has, you have my prayers. If those results were good then I pray that you are able to truly celebrate together with family and friends. If they aren’t what was hoped for then I pray for all the love and support needed to rebuild and support you or the one close to you. Throughout my life I’ve been fine with exams, and usually I’ve done very well. But I also know of so many who aren’t like that. So many that just don’t perform in exams, no matter how well they know their subjects. I also know many great people who just didn’t take to school!

Good exam grades can be very helpful in life but they are not everything. That said, they can seem like everything when you get them. So, I pray that all our young people know that they are of infinite value, and that they know the love and stability that comes of knowing that they are loved. Hopefully, they will know the love of family and friends. But whether or not that is the case, I pray that they know the deep love of their creator and God. If that is you, my the love of the Father fill and surround you, and the Spirit fill you.

God bless…

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