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Will you sit with me

July 29, 2017

There are times when words cannot help; when a person cannot take in those sounds of comfort that I want to offer. I have said this before, but sometimes all that can be done is hold a hand and let the storm of pain batter you. I know this, and thankfully God knows this too. A poem that may give you a feel for what I mean:


Will you hold my hand?

Will you hold my hand
As I sit in the darkness?
Will you sit with me,
Make darkness less lonely?
Will you give my hand
A gentle squeeze,
Warm my cold flesh
With warmer skin?

Please do not tell me
About a light I cannot see.
I will not believe you
And the dark will be denser
For the lies I think
You tell me then.
My eyes are wide open
And I am not blind.

Will you hear my words
As we sit the long night out
Without disputing my right
To voice my thoughts?
Will you let me speak
My soul’s story aloud
Without interrupting
With unneeded reassurance?

Just take my hand
Sit with me in silence
Let the darkness be dark
And wait with me.

Vivienne Tuffnell from ‘Hallowed Hollow’:

  1. Verona McWhinney permalink

    Wonderful poem

  2. jean black permalink

    Beautiful poem

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