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How honest should I be?

May 6, 2017

How honest should I be? It may seem like a pointless question. Obviously a Christian should always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Or should they? The whole truth?

This question was prompted by an article by Revd. Anthony Freeman that I read a day or so ago. Freeman hit the headlines in 1993-4 with in his theological book  “God in us”. There was one phrase that got him into real trouble. The phrase was this “I do not believe in God”.  He was  subsequently sacked by his bishop. “A good thing,” you might say. But I disagree. You see, what he actually said was this, “Only when I accepted that “I do not believe in God” (my old god) was I free to discover how with integrity I could still say “I believe in God” (understood in a new way).” I can’t say that I agree with his views on God but I can’t help feeling sympathetic towards Freeman. His crime was simply to inquire into the depths of faith and question what he found. Should he have been so honest?

How many false images and understandings of God do I still cling to? How honest should I be?

I have found that it is doubts and questions that have led to a stronger, deeper faith. Also, there is no point lying to God, he knows anyway. So when I have questions or doubts it is to God that they go. I then wait and let the Spirit guide me. I turn back to the Bible, particularly any passages that might have sparked the questions, and I stay there. I read the words, read what others have said, and again, wait for the Spirit to lift the words off the page.

I question the faith every day. I question what I believe and why I believe it. I have no choice. Only through questioning what I have been taught can the faith passed down have any effect on me; never mind transform me as it should. God has given us inquiring minds and we should use them. With an inquiring mind I shouldn’t be afraid of doubts and questions, neither should I let them have the last word.

To get back to my question: How honest should I be? For me the answer has to be, “as honest as I can possibly be.” So be honest with yourself. Allow yourself to question and inquire into the faith and make faith your own. Let it transform you!

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  1. Jean black permalink

    Very true

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