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Poems for Eastertide

April 29, 2017

The amazing events of that first Easter have changed the world forever. Death has been defeated and there is a subtle change in the very fabric of reality. But such things are too great for me. For me it is the difference to everyday life that often hits me most. It is the hope that transforms the ordinary and the mundane, a meal perhaps, that reminds me that it is here and now that I am to live my hope. This next poem, captures this and much, much more:

Snow on Easter Day

(Vivienne Tuffnell)

Wet white feathers

Falling ceaselessly,

Vanishing into sodden earth;

Silent whispers of air

As each flake passes.

Fragrance surrounds me,

Orange blossom and musk.

The taste of bread and wine

Linger on my lips,

An odour of sanctity

A feeling of peace

Pervades the house

As we prepare lunch.

Ghosts of Easters past

Haunt but do not hurt us.

Today, we begin anew.

Easter is not so much an event as it is a way of life. A way of life filled with the risen Jesus. A life of being Jesus here and now; made possible by the power of the Spirit. The poem that follows was inspired after Viv watched an actor paid to play the part of Jesus walk among crowds at a festival:

Jesus walks among us

(Vivienne Tuffnell)

I know he’s only an actor

Playing his appointed role,

But can I be the only one

Who felt my heart lift to see

Those sandalled feet among us,

The archaic robes shabby in sunlight

And the dark curls of beard

Twitch with a smile as he passed?

Am I the only one to ask

A terrified “What if?” and wonder

If it might truly be Him

Walking among the crowds,

Still alone and set apart

Even when thousands press round?

Of course, I know full well

He’s only an actor doing

What his role demands of him,

But still my heart sings

As my mind asks, “What if?”

Maybe that could be me or you? What if indeed!

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