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The Cast of Christmas Reassemble for Easter

February 25, 2017

I’ve watched high winds throw trees around. It feels like the politics of the moment; all change. But is it for the better, worse, or just more of the same? I don’t have the answers but it does feel as though I’m standing on a tipping point. I pray that whichever way we go, it is Christ’s way: The way of love in a broken world. The way of love shown, not just in the Christmas that is past put in the journey that continued as Jesus grew up. That journey, and mine, is now becoming more serious once again. On Wednesday I will be putting on ash, and starting the lenten time of inner reflection. A time to look into my life with Jesus so that I can truly follow him in the way to the cross, and join him in his death. Then, with Jesus still holding my hand, I can hope to rise again, a little less fallen, a little more holy.

Now is the time when The Cast of Christmas Reassemble for Easter: 

Take the wise men to the Emperor’s palace.
Wash their hands in water.
Get them to say something about truth.
Does anyone know any good Jewish jokes?
The one about a carpenter
who thought he was a King?
The one about the Saviour
who couldn’t save himself?
The shepherds should stand with the chorus.
They have a big production number –
‘Barabbas, We Love You Baby’.
Mary? She can move to the front.
We have a special section reserved
for family and close friends.
Tell her that we had to cut the manger up.
We needed the wood for something else.
The star I’m afraid I can’t use.
There are no stars in this show.
The sky turns black with sorrow.
The earth shakes with terror.
Hold on to the frankincense.
We’ll need that for the garden scene.
Angels? He could do with some angels.
Avenging angels.
Merciful angels.
He could really do with some angels.
Baby Jesus.
Step this way please.
My! How you’ve grown!

(Steve Turner from “Steve Turner – Poems“, published by Lion)

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