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God is love – that’s his problem!

January 7, 2017

God is love. That’s the problem with God, He’s not fussy. God takes no notice of my advice of who he should speak to and who he shouldn’t. He goes ahead anyway and speaks to whoever he wants to. He calls the respectable and the definitely not respectable, and has no understanding that there might be a difference; no understanding of standards! God is no respecter of human standards, and I for one am so grateful.

I am nothing special. The son of a sparky, working on Smiths docks in Middlesbrough. I went to a big rough, town comprehensive. I’ve always been awkward and argumentative. I had no time for God when I was growing up. I didn’t see God as a monster; I just didn’t see him at all. I didn’t believe that God did or could exist. I would argue that with anyone. I would argue that the sooner people stopped believing in God the better we all would be. We should grow up from believing in the ridiculous. How could adults believe in an imaginary friend, didn’t sane people stop all that stupidity at infant school?

I laughed, and jeered, and God seemed silent. But then he would, because he didn’t exist, did he?

God let me be and let me argue. God then spoke to me through in a way he knew would get through to me. I went to university and there was a girl that I really wanted to get to know better. Then I noticed that she was going to an event at the Student Union building, so I went along too.

It turned out to be a Student Chaplaincy event. These were Christians! Everywhere, these were those strange people who were mad enough to believe in a God. But they seemed alright: They seemed, well, how could I put it…, well they seemed ‘normal’. More than that they were more caring and genuinely human than any group of people that I had met. They weren’t perfect, but they were good, kind, generous and caring. They were patient too, patient with all my arguments and questions.

Over time I found that I was beginning to believe too. Looking back, it wasn’t any clever arguments that made the difference. It was one thing only that did it. It was the eloquence of their lives. It was the way that somehow, ordinary people like me could be so different: So much more loving, so much more alive!

So God is no respecter of persons. He took no notice of the fact that I kept bad mouthing him, and kept on loving me anyway. He loved me enough to find me, and introduce himself to me through those young Christians at University.

And did I meet up with that girl? Did we get together? The answer is, “Yes”, but not for long, and that’s another story.



  1. Jean black permalink

    Very intriguing

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