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Do you want to see a miracle? I know you do!

December 3, 2016

Who wants to see a miracle? I know you do! We all like a show. We all like to be entertained. I love to see a magic show. I love to try and figure out how it was done. It is great entertainment. It is fun. I like to be entertained, but no one would say that I should base the way I live on that entertainment. I know that my life values need to be based on something more than shadows and mirrors.

So, again I ask, “Who wants to see a miracle?”

If anyone thinks, “Wow, yes!”, and that includes me, then the next question is, “Why?” Why do I want to see a miracle? Why do you? Why do I?

Do I want to see a miracle for the entertainment? Probably, if I’m honest, I have to say, “Yes”. A major healing, or walking on water, or calming a storm, would be amazing things to see. I could dine out on a miracle like that for the rest of my life. Yes, I would be impressed by whoever seemed to have performed that miracle. Yes, I would definitely go to see them again. But, would I remember what they were saying, would I even care that much? I’m not so sure, I am a weak human being, so part of me would be going for the miracles; for the show.

What would happen if the miracles stopped? If the person, stopped doing the entertaining things and started to demand my attention, to demand that I listen to what they were saying, even that I should start to question the way I was living; what then? Well if that happened, I would probably walk away disgusted at being taken in. I had come for the show, not to be preached at!

Now I see why Jesus so often wanted people to keep quiet about his miracles. People were healed and he told them not to tell anyone. I can see now that the miracles he did were just signs, or perhaps ‘sign posts’, to something far more important. Signs pointing to who he was, and is. Signs pointing to his message of hope.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen miracles. I have seen them, but I am also glad that they are not so common. That way I’m not distracted by the side show and I can listen to the Spirit. I’m not distracted by the side show, and I can let the real miracle happen: I can learn to love.


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  1. Jean black permalink

    Very thought provoking

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