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Beautiful but Broken

June 4, 2016

I love life. I love the exuberance of the garden that I can see out of my window. Just looking at the roses I can smell them in my mind. There are plants lining my window sill. I have been blessed with being able to feel the life around me. I can sense the life breathed into the birds and animals and plants around me. At times it feels as though, for a brief moment at least, I’m back with God at the dawn of creation, where God is breathing life, breath, spirit into all creatures (see Genesis 2 and Psalm 104). Then the moment passes, I long for it to come back but I know I need to wait a little longer. I need to wait until Christ’s return when I’m promised a perfect creation once again.

So my eyes become clouded again by the falleness of creation as well as the beauty. I see the dead chick, only a day or so old, lying on the drive. I hear the news coming in of wars and rumours of wars; I see the hedgehog killed senselessly on the road. I feel again the pain of loss from losing the family and friends that have died over the years. I feel the darkness and sadness descend just as powerfully as the joy only moments before. I see Stephen Fry on the tv showing the grubs of parasitic wasps slowly eating their prey alive, and hear the scornful words, “How can there be a loving god, if he creates such things and allows such suffering?”

Strangely it is those mocking words that bring me out of the depths. I like Stephen Fry but this just irritates. It feels cheap and unworthy of someone of such intelligence and education.

I remember that Jesus has never promised that my life or this world will be all beautiful. I am reminded that this world is fallen. It is corrupted but not abandoned by its Creator. Indeed, the Creator sent Jesus for the very purpose of redeeming, not only me, not only humanity, but all of creation; a creation which Paul describes as ‘groaning’ as it waits for this work to be completed at Christ’s return (Romans 8.22-25).

I do not know all the reasons why this has happened, but I do know that we humans are doing more than our fair share of the spoiling and corrupting. I also know that the world is as described in the Bible, created, beautiful, and now fallen.

I remember once again that I am to be like Jesus. I am to feel the pain of creation and weep. Equally, I am to feel the life, vitality and beauty of creation and laugh with joy. I am also to do all that I can to allow the Spirit to show me and those around me the reality of the new creation; the new kingdom that is so close. So I work to make this world a better place for all. I pray with confidence for healing and other signs that the kingdom is close – after all, my faith is not always as strong as I’d like and signs like the healings that I’ve witnessed recently are a welcome boost.

Encouraged, I look to my Bible again. I read the story of Jesus taking pity on a widow whose only son had just died (Luke 7.11-17). I read of his compassion and of him restoring the son to life. I pray for more such signs of the kingdom here and now, but I pray most for the time when all humanity, with all creation, will hear Jesus’ call to rise up – the final healing. I pray Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus!

  1. Verona permalink

    Thank you Nigel for sharing this today, it saddens me to see and hear what we are doing to our beautiful world. I wait for our Saviour’s return!

    • Hi Verona,

      Sorry for taking so long to reply to your comment – I’ve just got round to checking them. Thank you for your support.

      God bless,


  2. Dianna permalink

    Intelligence and education can forward us towards a given career or achievement in a field of science but it doesn’t help us come to terms with a possible Creator who could cruelly make us less than the next man. Struggling with bi-polar all his life and the moods that go with it may have skewed his perception of a loving creator God. It’s easier to believe in nothing maybe? It’s good when we can balance the sometimes cruelty of nature against the faith in a loving God.

    • Hi Dianna,

      I agree, we do need the balance. I would love to say that the world is beautiful and perfect. I would like to say, “turn to Jesus and life will be lovely.” But neither are true and I worship the one how is Truth. Thankfully, Christianity is a faith that has the realities of this world very much at it’s heart. That is why it makes sense and gives hope in a fallen world.

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