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Birthdays and the joy of life

December 19, 2015

Today’s my birthday – I’m 50 today!

Everyone is keen to make a big thing of it but I just feel the same as I did yesterday. I love my presents and all the good wishes. I’m looking forward to a bit of a party; but at the same time I feel like a fraud. All I have done to deserve all of this is, well, not die! As if I really have a lot of control over that event.

I am though really grateful to be alive. I should really have died 39 years ago. I had TB meningitis as a child and was sent home to die for my 11th Birthday. No one asked me about that and I’ve always been awkward – so here I am at the age of 50.

I’m not being gloomy. I’m just taking a moment to realise just how precious the gift of life is, and how fragile. Each morning I wake up and thank God for that first waking breath. I’m thrilled every day by the colours around me: The greens and reds of the house plants, the ‘rainbow’ of books on the bookshelves, and so much more. I pick up one of our guinea pigs and hold her to me. I feel her snuggle up into my neck and feel her warmth. This small, trusting creature makes me smile. I feel both how precious and fragile this life is.

Life is a great gift. That is why tomorrow I’ll be celebrating the children of Mary and Martha (Luke 1.39-45). The two boys were born, we know their names, John and Jesus. We know the joy of their mothers before their birth and we know a little of what they did when they grew up. But we know very little about them growing up. Just a few snippets about Jesus.

As I get ready for Christmas I suppose I don’t need to know the little details. I just need to recognise that human life is precious, a gift from my Father. A gift to be celebrated and enjoyed. On my birthday I need to celebrate that gift and so be ready to celebrate from my heart the wonderful birth of life that is Christmas.

  1. Roger Key permalink

    Happy 50th Nigel – Many blessings and happinesses surround you. May our Good Lord continue to watch over you as you walk with him and talk with him and live your life for him..

  2. Thank you Roger. Happy Christmas to you, Shawnie and all the family!

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