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The GodHide

August 22, 2015

I am trying to get back into the swing of things after a holiday. A holiday that although interrupted was still long enough for me to feel out of touch. But also a holiday not long enough for me to get all those things done that I had planned. In other words -A normal holiday!

I do however feel nicely relaxed and keen to start again. I am looking forward to leading worship again.

One of the many highlights of my time off was part of a local Sculpture Trail. It  was being able to experience the ‘SoundHide’. The SoundHide is an installation by electro-acoustic composer Mike Challis. The SoundHide is a circular structure made of straw bales to insulate the inside from outside sounds. I sat and listened to sounds recorded over many months at the River Waveney Trust Centre near Earsham. It was a wonderful feeling to walk in and suddenly feel the silence inside. Then to have that silence filled with a story made up of natural sounds. It felt as though I was immersed in that sound story, lost to experience for the 20 minutes or so that I sat there.

The deep power of my experience in the SoundHide made me reflect about how infrequently I allow myself the time to really appreciate the sounds around me. How often do I allow myself the luxury of letting myself feel the sounds around me? By that I mean how often do I appreciate the background track to my normal life?

Maybe, taking time off has made me too introspective but I have a feeling that there is a deep spiritual truth hidden here. Perhaps this is a tiny fragment of what Jesus meant when he said, “I came to give life—life that is full and good” (John 10.10 ERV). I know that Jesus does not lie but so often my life feels rushed; like my meals every experience is gulped down before dashing onwards. How can I really praise the Creator for the wonder of this world made good if I don’t allow myself to appreciate it properly? Too often I’m a bored teenager again, shrugging my shoulders and saying a metaphorical, “Whatever”.

If I am missing so much of God’s gifts to me in this physical world, what else am I missing. What is the Father trying to help me to be and feel, if only he could get me to stop for long enough? What does the Jesus want to say to me, if only I would take the time to listen? What is the Spirit trying to give me if only he could stop me trampling his gifts in my rush to get on?

Perhaps, I need a GodHide: A place where I can go to stop, listen and truly feel what God is saying and doing? Perhaps I already have my GodHide: A place inside, lit by the Spirit where he can give me back the sensitivity that the harshness of life keeps taking a way? As I write I feel the enfolding of the Spirit, I feel God’s presence within reopening all of my senses to feel, truly feel. I hear Jesus saying, ‘I give life that is full and good’, and ‘the water I give people will be like a spring flowing inside them. It will bring them eternal life”'(John 4.14 ERV): I feel alive.

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