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Musings on a Royal Wedding

June 27, 2015

Last week I was watching a royal wedding. I was spell bound by it all. The spectacle, the drama and the excitement were infectious. It was so amazing that it didn’t really matter that it wasn’t my queen getting married. The whole occasion was very different from a British royal wedding but none the less for that.

This whole occasion was for me made even more wonderful by the fact that, apart from my wife, I was the only human being watching it all! I wasn’t watching a human wedding, I was watching the mating flight of a queen bee. The male bees (drones) were piling out of my hives to chase the new queen. Some of the worker bees carried on working but many buzzed around in circles, excitedly waiting to see the bride. It made me think of the people who gather to watch the bride arrive at a normal church wedding: Waiting for a glimpse of the bride and catch a little of the excitement. And the queen? Well, although she was the star of the show; well you have to be quick to see her at all. Perhaps, if you’re very lucky you’ll make her out at the head of a cloud of drones as they shoot off into the sky.

I think about that amazing natural wonder. A wonder happening right through late spring and early summer right across this country. I wonder how many people even know that it is happening, never mind have ever seen it? Not many but it all goes on anyway unconcerned by the lack of any human audience.

I think about that amazing natural wonder and praise God the creator of it all. I then remember all that is far from perfect in the natural world and the human world. Then I thank Jesus for coming to start the process that will free all of this good creation from all that fouls it. I thank Jesus for coming so that I can be an active part of God’s work of saving all that’s good in creation, including all that’s good in humanity, from all that is corrupting it.

I long for a world where all the beauty and wonder that I saw in that royal wedding is what this creation is all about. I long for a world where pain, and hatred and cruelty, and corruption and even death are gone for ever. I long for a world free suffering and evil. That is why I follow Jesus because he has started that clean up, a clean-up that is unstoppable now. I follow Jesus because he gives me the love and the patience to work with him to make this world a better place. He brings hope and joy and opens my eyes to the wonder of all that God has made. He opens my eyes to see as God sees, at least a little bit. I’m now more sensitive than ever to the joys of this world. I also feel something of God’s hurt when people and the natural world are hurt.

I now have hope for the future. Hope for myself and hope for all things. It’s that good news that gets me up on a morning knowing. This hope wasn’t always there but I can’t really say how it came to me. I spent many years arguing against faith and the existence of God. I won lots of arguments but in the end God won me. How it all happened remains a mystery but it’s a bit like the words of Jesus to Simon/Peter:

Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. (Matthew 16.17)

Faith, like the ways of bees, is a wonderful mystery to me. But faith brings hope and energy to work with my maker for a better me and a better world. Faith like this is good news, and that same good news is free for everyone!

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