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He is risen indeed – Bon voyage!

April 4, 2015

There is something primeval about watching the sun rise and a new day begin. People throughout the ages have seen sun rise and understood it as a sign of new life beginning after the dark. This idea of new life after the dark is central to our Christian faith. Particularly Easter morning. This Easter morning I will see the sun rise, remember the women going to the tomb of Jesus and give thanks to God. This morning I will set out before the first light to rediscover my hope given to me anew.

But unlike those women, this is not my first time. I have been through the cycle of lent, then holy week then the joy of Easter, year after year. My task is harder than theirs, I have to somehow enter into the wonder of the resurrection once again. My task is to make that resurrection joy as real now as it was the first time I really celebrated Easter.

Now if I were trying to recapture a perfect Easter in the past, my task would perhaps be impossible. But that is not what I’m about. I have changed and grown since I celebrated Easter last year. So Easter needs to bring hope and meaning to the life I live today.

So I bring to mind events of the past year. The new things started. The things now stopped. The friends I have and those I have perhaps lost…… The life events: weddings, births, baptisms, and all the rest……

I bring to mind the things that I have done over the past year, events attended, the things that made me smile and laugh or made me cry…..  All the events, and memories that make me a year older and perhaps, just perhaps, a year wiser…..

Now I go back to our Easter story. I am at that tomb with the women; And Jesus is there too. I fall at Jesus’ feet. I worship him; as if for the first time I see and feel the reality of the resurrection. It is real; death, even death is not the end of hope. This morning the risen Jesus is standing here. He is here to bring hope out of the dark experiences of now and of the past year. The sadness, the fear, the pain can be resurrected into things of life and hope. Maybe here and now: Maybe later, but the risen Jesus is here to bring life, healing and hope.

Jesus stands here and brings meaning to the good times as well as the bad. Good things can be celebrated with a deep pure joy, cleansed from the stains of jealousy, or greed, or pride. The risen Jesus can transform my good times too. So, Jesus is here now. Standing by my side, holding my hand, even holding me tight. He will walk with me through all that the future has in store. Jesus brings resurrection joy and hope for the journey to come. In my mind I look at myself and my fellow travellers in Christ and say…

He is risen! He is risen indeed – Bon voyage!

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