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Daydreams of Warmer Days and Learning…

January 31, 2015

I’ve been looking at the snow and ice, then going into the garage and looking at the motorbike. I’d like to get out on two wheels but it would be cold, uncomfortable and often dangerous. I’m like a little boy who can’t go out to play. So, all I can do is sit, look, and dream of warmer days. Days when I can just point the bike in a direction and go. When I get the chance (and time) I love to just head of in a direction and take what ever roads I fancy. I’m not trying to get anywhere, I’m just enjoying the ride. I’m learning new routes between places and discovering new sights. Sometimes I find places worth stopping and exploring further. I have a great time and learn all sorts of new things.

That made me think about how I learn things. Daydreams are like that, they lead all over the place. Sometimes I learn things by simply sitting and watching, but mostly I learn from other people. Even when out on my bike I’m following routes others have made, using skills others have taught me.

Going back to my start in life, I learned about love, security and affection from my Mam when I was a tiny baby. I can’t remember but I will have learned to walk and talk from my Mam and Dad, and others close to me like my grandparents. I learned to read and write a little bit at home but mostly at school. I learned to play and fight and shout and climb and how to catch snails and dam streams and search rock pools and so many other things that made me a kid – mostly from other kids.

Looking back all through my life I have learned things from other people: Either directly from being with them or from books or recordings or films that they have made. I’ve needed to be involved in my learning but nearly all of it has come from someone else or at least is based on what I have learned from other human beings.

So what about my faith? Here again I have learned so much from other people. From friends at University who put up with my endless questions as I discovered the reality of God, from David Wills my vicar in Liverpool, from Nick McKinnell my chaplain and so many others. But when I really think about it I have learned about God from one particular person, Jesus. How could I really get anywhere trying to understand who God is without God becoming the man we call Jesus?

It completely blows my mind that the all powerful creator God could and would become a human being to save the human beings He had made from the mess they had got themselves into. I often think about the enormity of Jesus’ sacrifice for me on the cross. But it is just as amazing that God allowed himself to be born as a tiny helpless human baby; to grow up in this world like any of us.

So through learning from Jesus I know that God fully understands all that I go through, good and bad. He had to be fully human for the cross I turn to so often to mean anything at all. He had to be a real man for the resurrection to be anything other than a parlour trick. The eternal God cannot die, but a human being can. If Jesus was just God pretending to be a human being then rising from an apparent death is no big deal, it’s what you would expect of someone who is immortal. But if Jesus is fully human I can look at him and learn everything that I need about being a godly human being. Learning from Jesus I learn that I can die with confidence that I too will rise again when Jesus calls me.

I have learned so much from my fellow human beings, and if I include Jesus, I have even begun to learn who God is!

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