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Perhaps God’s crazy is greater than human wisdom?

January 3, 2015

2000 years ago God revealed his Son to the world with the help of 3 strange foreigners.  At the time most of God’s people missed the point and one, Herod, tried to kill Jesus. Thankfully for me and the rest of us it didn’t end there. God kept revealing who Jesus was, through prophecy, through Jesus’ words, through the miracles and finally through Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. But, as a species, we humans are a bit slow. Still, even after Jesus rose from the dead, most people didn’t believe.

That was 2000 years ago, but people don’t seem to have got any smarter. We are no smarter but equally God hasn’t given up. God continues to reveal Jesus to us. God can reveal Jesus to us through absolutely anything or anyone. But mostly he seems to choose Jesus’ followers to reveal Jesus in the world today. Given how messed up some Christians can be that seems a completely crazy plan – but its God’s plan so perhaps it might work.

Perhaps I need to start showing Jesus in the world now? Perhaps if I take that seriously, letting the Spirit in, then maybe it could work. Maybe if I trust God, God’s Spirit can shine out of my actions and words and show Jesus to people today. What an amazing thought, now its in God’s strength not just mine, so perhaps it has a chance! Perhaps God’s crazy is greater than human wisdom?

There are millions of Christians everywhere in the world. Maybe if we all let God’s Spirit work in us and through us, Jesus will be revealed clearly to all? It could just work! I may be being childish and naïve but I hope its childlike trust. So, I can’t speak for anyone else but I for one am going to give it a try. I am going to trust God like the Wise Men trusted God and set out in faith. The rest… well that’s up to God.

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