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Christmas has just got started – where have all the decorations gone?!

December 27, 2014

It’s so sad to see so many people packing up their Christmas things when Christmas has just got started! People put up with all the stress and worry of getting ready for Christmas but never seem to let themselves really enjoy it. They blow it all on one day and end with indigestion and a sore head and little more. Christmas is the time after all of the stupidity of the run up. The Advent preparation is over and there can now be a little extra spring in my step – working or not, I can still celebrate Christmas: the hope, the colour, the joy; as well as good food and drink. There are the full 12 days of Christmas joy, then there’s Epiphany (when the Wise Men join the story). So if I’m clever I can keep on celebrating all the way to Candlemas on 2nd February.

It’s sad when people miss out on the party!

  1. Thanks Lizzie. It’s good to know I’m not alone on this. Let’s hope more people let themselves enjoy Christmas time.

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