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Children make mistakes, parents are there to help them

November 29, 2014

Last week I was listening to a teacher explain how important it was for parents to support their children in their education. I heard how much less likely children were to fall behind or underachieve when they had their parents behind them. But also when things go wrong how much easier it is to set them on the right track again when their parents are keen to work with the school. This was just as much the case for the carers of children no longer being looked after by their parents. The difference seemed to come from the people at home, working hard with those at school, to make school work for their child.

I strongly suspect that this is the key reason why children at private schools and the old public schools do so well compared to children at state schools. Seeing teachers from the state sector, it is not the quality of teaching. Indeed unlike fee paying schools, state schools only employ fully qualified teachers. No, I think the key is the parents and culture of expectation behind the children in fee paying schools that is the key. By the very act paying lots of money to send their children to school parents are showing that they have a serious level of commitment to their children’s future. Some parents at fee paying schools may be too pushy or absent too much of the time, but overall I see parents who are committed to ensuring the best for their children. There are many such parents in the state sector, but there are also far more parents with low expectations with children in state schools. Such a shame. A great education  and preparation for future life is available for free, and so many just treat this once in a lifetime offer with utter contempt.

Thinking about this I turned to wonder about me, here and now. With my heavenly Father looking out for me I find that I am more able to deal with the problems of life. Knowing that I have my ‘Dad’ behind me gives me confidence. When I mess up too, He’s there, doing all that is needed to get me back on the straight and narrow again. It must be so hard when the world turns against you and you don’t have the Father supporting you through it all. I can’t really imagine what that would be like but it must be very lonely. It would be so easy to feel hopeless; that no one understood or was on your side. Sometimes it is just knowing that I am valued that gives me the strength to start out again after a failure. Thanks God.

Finally, thinking back to those children at school with no one behind them. It must be so hard. It must be particularly hard to have parents who don’t care enough to get involved to help you out of your problems.

Children make mistakes, parents are there to help them, in matters of this world and the next.

  1. Too many parents rely on teachers to educate their children. If you want your children to love reading, as a parent you must read them a bedtime story. When they get older, get them to read to you. Looking back to my years in school, I can only count a handful that were good teachers.

    • Hi,
      I agree a love of reading is something that is caught rather than taught. I too had so few really good teachers, but they really shone out. Thankfully, in the high school I was talking about (Archbishop Sancroft at Harleston) I have been very impressed by the quality of the teachers.
      God bless,

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