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Lord grant me chastity…, but not yet!

October 4, 2014

I know people who are wary about becoming a Christian because they think that there’ll be too much to give up. It makes me think of the famous prayer of a teenage St. Augustine (of Hippo), “Lord grant me chastity…, but not yet!” The prudishness that I linked to Christians was certainly something that put me off. I wanted to enjoy life and Christianity seemed to make a virtue out of being miserable.

It’s strange but what I’ve actually found is that I’m happier and more fulfilled than I ever was before. I enjoy life more too. Like before, I can enjoy the fun bits of life like parties and bikes, but unlike before I have some form of inner contentment even in the bad times. With the Spirit the good times are better and I can be really happy with far less than I needed before. I don’t have to chase happiness. I don’t have to be a slave to happiness. There really is freedom in Christ.

I can start to understand Paul saying that he considers everything that made him special rubbish compared to the joy of knowing Jesus (Philippines 3.7-11). That’s quite something from Paul. Paul was well educated and well off. He was well thought of too. He was probably a young Pharisee who was going places. Perhaps he would have been a Jewish teacher as famous as his teacher Gamaliel. He had a bright worldly future… before he met Jesus on that road to Damascus. Then he threw it all away, joined that strange radical sect that he had been trying to stamp out. He lost it all and had to be smuggled out of Damascus over the walls or he would have lost his life too.

Most of us don’t have so much to lose. Most of us can be a Christian and be respectable. I can be a Christian and have a good job, a family, a home. I can have parties and friends. Indeed Christ doesn’t insist that I give up anything. No, Christ accepts me and loves me. That said, I may find that I give up something prompted by the Holy Spirit. It may be that I take on something new all because of the Spirit.
God won’t insist on me, or anyone, giving anything up to be a Christian, He certainly accepted me as I was (quite a mess). But then I started to get to know Jesus, the Spirit started to work in me, showing me a new and wonderful world; then I wanted to change. I wanted to be the best person I could be. I wanted that not because I was being told to but because I could see and feel that it was the best way forward for me.

I married the woman who is my best friend. Before I knew Jesus I was too busy trying to taste the entire menu ever to see the riches of a single woman right in front of me.

When it comes to jobs, I’ve been a clerk for a city council, a chemist for a big chemical company, a student, a minister, a consultant working for national governments and the European Commission, and I’m now a minister again. Each has been fulfilling. Each could easily have been my lot for life, and happily so. But each has just been a step along the road with Jesus.

My life has changed. Not by force but through the Spirit opening my eyes to the truth of the choices around me. With the Holy Spirit opening my eyes I could see, feel and choose clearly, for the first time I truly could have the Free Will needed to make good choices for myself. I realise that I only became free to make choices after the Jesus set me free; only after the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see and feel clearly.

Christianity is not about giving things up. Christianity is about receiving God, and everything else comes along too.

Come, taste and see that the Lord is Good (Psalm 34.8)!

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