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A Church Wedding is for life, not just a pretty dress!

July 16, 2013

Church weddings seemed to go out of fashion for a while but more and more couples now seem to be wanting to get married. I am very happy to celebrate with these couples and to conduct a service in church for them. I like working with couples as they prepare for the wedding and being there for them afterwards, if needed.

Marriage to me is something very special with roots back into the beginning of time. It is a celebration of the love two people have for each other and is designed to be a stable foundation for family life. Marriage, as I said, is special to me because I believe that God delights in the union of marriage and in loving families.

I have no illusions that marriage will mark the start of most couple’s serious relationship. By far the majority of the couples that I talk to about marriage have been living together for some time, and often have children. Still Christian marriage in church has an attraction. The beautiful spectacle of a church wedding obviously plays a part but, from talking to couples, I get the impression that the desire for God’s blessing on their relationship is also a powerful thing.

Many of the couples who come to me would not describe themselves as churchgoers or active Christians. But there is a sense of God leading them non-the-less. I see God in these couples wanting to provide them with all the wisdom, contentment and joy that their relationship has the potential to bring. Perhaps, seeing so many relationships falling apart, couples are seeking the old wisdom of marriage.

Many of the couples who come to me have been married before. They are hesitant, unsure of the response they will get. Will I shout at them for their sin and failure? There may be sin, there may be failure, but what I have found is that there is far more pain and hurt. Those who have gone through divorce can become cynical about relationships in general and marriage in particular. But I seek to reassure that God wants to heal their hurt and sense of failure. God wants to reassure them of forgiveness for anything that they might have done wrong so that they are truly free to live and love again.

I wish all couples who are newly married, or looking forward to their marriage, every blessing, now and in their future together. I also wish God’s blessing on all couples, particularly those with children, whether married or not. Being a husband, wife, partner or a parent is all hard to do well. I pray that the Holy Spirit will bless and protect all couples and families here in our community, that they will know His comfort and support, His love and His joy, now and always.

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