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Being sued for drawing attention to CO2 – Shame on EDF Energy!

March 12, 2013

There are times when it is important to speak out and be heard. Sometimes that means that we need to take peaceful direct action. Unfortunately, some of the big companies are trying to scare people into keeping quiet. A friend’s partner is among those being sued for £5 million for doing what seems a prophetic job. Its a well-known tactic called SLAPPS ‘strategic legal action against public participation’, outlined in academic Sharon Beder’s book Global Spin: the corporate assault on environmentalism. 

This action was to protect against Climate Change, a cause with which I sympathise. But even if I did not agree with this protest I would be worried by EDF’s actions. If peaceful people are silenced, then many will be convinced that they must take more violent action which would be a very sad state of affairs for this or any country. We need passionate people who care about more than just themselves. We also need to ensure that there are peaceful avenues of passionate protest.

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