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Lord deliver me from temptation – but not yet!

July 30, 2012

I have been reading about King David, that great hero of the Old Testament. But my reading wasn’t about David’s greatness it was about temptation. Temptation to do what I know to be wrong is a fact of life. Temptation can come in many forms, ignoring the need of others, a sly dig at a neighbour or some malicious gossip perhaps, and in the case of King David the temptation of a beautiful woman.

Temptation is, as I said, part of life, even Jesus was tempted. But the problem is, well, that temptation is just so tempting. It’s like the old prayer, “Lord deliver me from temptation – but not yet!”

Some things I just want. I know there could be consequences, will be consequences, but I want it. ……. It wont do that much harm. Maybe, ….. but inside I know that its a lie. I know that harm will be done, harm to others and harm to myself too.

David saw Bathsheba naked and he wanted her, and after all, he was king so why shouldn’t he have her. So he has her and expects no one to be any the wiser.

Then she becomes pregnant and David tries to cover his tracks. David orders her husband Uriah home from the front so that he can sleep with his wife and think the child is his, but David’s cunning plan doesn’t work so he has Uriah murdered. Uriah is a good and loyal man, and he pays for his kings weakness with his life. And David, well he takes Bathsheba to add to his collection of wives.  But David pays a very high price, he looses a good man, and probably some respect from his general, Joab. But even sadder than that, David corrupts himself, his family life, his kingdom, and it costs him the life of his son.

Hopefully, I will never be tempted to murder someone but almost everything else can and does tempt me, and those around me. As I said before, its just part of life – but a serious part. That is why Jesus taught people to pray, “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

Temptation and sin are real … but it is not inevitable that one leads to the other, not every time.

So, temptation is real and the problem is, well, that temptation is just so tempting. It’s like the old prayer, “Lord deliver me from temptation – but not yet!” So I am just going to have to live with being tempted but I also have the one who is greater than any temptation living inside of me. At least I hope there is, because I can sure do with him most of the time!

(If you want to read this story about King David it starts in 2 Samuel 11)

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