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Pentecost – slip the clutch, and hang on for dear life!

May 26, 2012

The whole creation has been groaning, longing for its perfection. That groaning is how I felt a few months ago, when I lost my bees. It is the groaning of earthquakes, famines and wars, of poverty and unemployment…. But that isn’t how I feel today.

Today creation feels good. Our cats are boneless in the conservatory. The bees are doing well, so well that an old hive left in the back garden has suddenly been filled with bees. They just moved themselves in on Friday and they are very welcome. The birds and insects are busy, new birds are calling, flowers are glowing in the sunshine, and buds are ready to burst into glory.

There is a sense of optimism in the air. A sense of excited expectation, for the Jubilee celebrations next long weekend, and then the Olympics.

Life feels good. And it should, that sense of wellness, of hope, excitement and contentment, all together, are a small taste of the completeness that St. Paul was longing for. Just imagine that, our joys now are only a tiny taste of the joys that the Spirit has to give to us.

Some of that joy will only come at the completion of all things, at the end of times, but, some is for now. We are allowed to have a few treats before the big party.

Jesus left in order to make this possible, the coming of the Holy Spirit, to give his followers, who are now his friends, a share in his power, and a share in his oneness with the Father.

When I think of that power, and that invitation to be part of the divine, I get excited. I get really, excited, and frightened both at the same time. Me, and God can be friends! Me, and the one who made me are friends – wow!

But that also means that God is part of me, that he sees the hidden parts – ow! Not so good.

But I get power, real power. But what if I misuse it? What if I abuse it?

I get the freedom to go where the Spirit leads me, but what if I mishear, and go the wrong way?

I guess, what I need to do is just accept the gift, the power, the freedom, the closeness to God that is given to me. That, after all, is the only way to honour the giver.

And my misgivings about my own worthiness? Well perhaps I need to trust that God might know what he is doing? I can’t let the excitement be tainted, I need to let it run.

It’s like when I got my first motorbike. I was 17, and on the morning of my 17th birthday the bike was delivered. It was only a small bike, but it was nippy and could do a little over 70mph. So mid-morning, with only me at home, a trailer arrived. I was shown how to start it, and told about the brakes, and clutch, and all the rest. Then the man left.

I had never ridden a motorbike before. So after 1/2 hour and a strong smell of petrol (I flooded it several times), I got it started. After 1/2 hour I set off, I rode up and down the street. Then around the estate, then I was off.

Terrified and excited, both at the same time, I opened it up, and went faster than I ever had before.

That is what I need to do this Pentecost. I need to receive the Spirit with excitement, slip the clutch, and hang on for dear life!

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  1. I love this! What a remarkable way of looking at today… Thank you.

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