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Christmas Morning Presents

December 25, 2011

Last night I was talking about wonder and the need for more of it.

This morning I want to talk about something far easier to appreciate. I want to talk about presents. Presents are so much a part of Christmas: presents and surprises.

The love of presents can seem like a childish thing, but I think of it as more of a child-like thing! One present for me was a book, called simply “Poems” by Steve Turner. : Read “My Dad” p. 176.

My Dad, by Steve Turner

My dad’s bigger than your dad.

My dad’s as tall as the moon,

as strong as the wind,

as wide as the sky.

You should see my dad!

He’s got stars in his fists.

He bends rainbows on his knee.

When he breathes, clouds move.

He’s good is my dad.

You can’t scare him with the dark.

You can’t scare him with guns or sticks.

He makes bullies say sorry

just by staring.

Big green monsters fall asleep on his lap.

Ghosts start haunting each other.

My dad’s been everywhere

but he says he likes the world.

Earth people are fun, he says.

My dad knows more than teacher.

He knows everything.

He knows what you’re thinking,

even when you try to trick him

by thinking something else.

If you tell a lie

my dad says he can tell

by the look on your face.

My dad’s the best dad ever.

I say I love him

a million times a million

times a million times a million trillion.

My dad says he loves me

a billion trillion times more than that

My dad likes to love.

My dad made the world.

We are celebrating presents this morning. Particularly, the great Christmas present of Jesus himself. We know the story and you just have to look around Church to see the nativity scene.

New parents Joseph and Mary, poor, in a stable, but celebrating the birth of their first child. All the joy of bring a new life into the world and all the wondering about what might come next.

Looking back, we celebrate that special Christmas present. The birth of new hope into the world. Hope that is still with us.

So let’s enjoy our presents and let them remind us of the great gift we are given in the person of Jesus; God with us now, at this Christmas time, and God with us always.

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