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Is IT for Real?

December 11, 2011

I went to a worship event at the Cathedral last night.

It was supposed to make worship real, relevant to those who don’t go to Church.  And the verdict ….

Well I quite enjoyed it but I can’t say that I was thrilled.  There were a few nice touches but nothing special.  An oportunity missed.  It set out to be something special for everyone and was too half-arsed to impress anyone.

Worship should be as powerful as dancing at a rave, as seeing the road whiz past your nose while riding a motorbike, like that feeling of being alive when fighting.  But sadly we get scared and afraid of offending someone, and hey, we win the prize, we grasp tight to the trophy of mediocrity!

If I’m worshipping the almighty God, the God who created everything.  The Lord of Hosts, “Yahweh Armies” from the Old Testament, then it should be more than just polite!  Sometimes it is, sometimes the power is right there and the world is changed forever, or at least until “real” life washes the reality away again.

When I walk into that training hall, I bow to what is real, and I bow on the way out.  And, if the Wing Chun in the middle isn’t for real then why would I ever come back?  So why should anyone be part of worship that doesn’t even get them close to THE REALITY?

IT can be there in a quiet communion, in the pub, … so many places.  IT, or perhaps I should say HE, can’t be conjured up by reciting a sacred formula, whatever the ancient pedigree of that set of words or actions.  HE makes his/her presence felt most often when we put everything into the encounter, but again it’s not a guarantee.  All I can say is that the God of the Real World seems to make his presence felt when we are for real too.


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